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The curriculum portion of Calvary Curriculum has been designed to be a support for using the Bible as the curriculum itself, not as some curriculums where the Bible is there to support the curriculum. We want to use the very words of God from the Bible to teach the children.

Below you will find information about the “Children’s Curriculum” (1st ~ 6th Grade), the “Little Ones Curriculum” (Preschool ~ Kindergarten),  and the “Topical Bible Curriculum” (3rd ~ 8th Grade)

CC’s Children’s Curriculum presently has over 210 Bible studies (Genesis, Jonah, Life of Jesus, Acts, & Revelation). Designed for 6-12 year olds. To put that into perspective, these 210 Bible studies is 4 years worth of verse-by-verse teachings for 1st-6th grade in your Sunday School class at your church. These Bible studies include worksheets, activity pages, and coloring pictures. The coloring pictures are drawn by Sergio Cariello and Thiago Del Ponte. You may recognize Sergio’s name from countless Marvel and DC comics OR the beautifully illustrated The Action Bible. For more information about Sergio & Thiago please CLICK-HERE.

As seen below with the SAMPLES we hope to release all the Bible curriculum in NKJV, KJV, and Español (RVR 1960). We love the idea of many other languages and Bible translations to release CC’s Children’s Curriculum in. But since we are mostly volunteer with little finances to work with we do our best. Please keep these projects in your prayers.

47 Bible Studies in the book of Genesis

420 Pages of Content

OT006 - The Fall (1)

101 Bible Studies in The Life of Jesus

700 Pages of Content

John Baptizes Jesus

*First 44 Bible studies released

*First 52 Bible studies released

29 Bible Studies in the book of Acts

275 Pages of Content

NT0110 - Stephen, The First Martyr.indd

23 Bible Studies in the book of Revelation

205 Pages of Content

NT2711 - The Seventh Seal of Seven Trumpets-ICON

Each of the Topical Curriculum is perfect for midweek services, camps, Vacation Bible School, or school. These studies have been written for 3rd ~ 8th Graders.

Armor of God - Cover (Black & White)
56 Pages
5 Bible Studies
Faith Pleasing God Cover
91 Pages
8 Bible Studies
God's Love For Us Cover
78 Pages
8 Bible Studies
Grace Changes Everything Cover
81 Pages
8 Bible Studies
Sowing to the Spirit Cover
74 Pages
8 Bible Studies

The Little Ones Curriculum has 52 core Bible stories from the Old & New Testaments, offered in English (NKJV) and Spanish (RVR 1960). They have been designed to be used with 3-6 year olds. But, can be used as young as 2 and as old as 1st grade.

Each Bible story set contains 11 pages, including a teacher guide, simple craft, activity pages, and coloring picture drawn by veteran Disney artist Matt Baker. The crafts are simple with preschoolers in mind. There are 35+ cut and paste crafts along with 10+ other more elaborate crafts.

Also available for download is the Original Little One’s Curriculum which includes 52 Bible studies

The ORIGINAL Children’s Bible Study Support Curriculum features 325 Bible studies (Genesis-Revelation) for 1st – 6th grade offered in English (NKJV) and Spanish (RVR 1960). These studies can be downloaded for free.


This TRAINING & TEACHING section of the website is added to on a regular basis. Presently there are 110+ hours of trainings/teachings covering 65+ subjects dealing with all aspects of Children’s Ministry. These trainings range between 30 minutes to 2 1/2 hours each.

Below is a list (added to regularly) of the AUDIO & VIDEO trainings found in CC ACADEMY

  • Learning that Produces Change
  • Reading the Bible to Respond to God
  • Teaching Children to Meet with God
  • How to Use CC’s Children’s Curriculum to Teach Children
  • The Easy and Engaging Way to Teach the Bible to Children
  • Using Questions When Teaching Children
  • The Easy Way to Hide God’s Word in Your Heart
  • Classroom Structure & Knowing Children
  • Sharing the Gospel Kid-to-Kid
  • Clearly Communicating Biblical Truths
  • Teaching Apologetics to Children
  • Holy Spirit
  • Teaching Children About The Holy Spirit
  • Leading a Child to Christ
  • Attributes of God
  • Building Foundations
  • Children’s Ministry Leadership
  • Building Up Leaders in the Children’s Ministry
  • How Do You Deal with Issues Children Are Facing Today
  • How to Develop Teacher Meetings
  • Coordinating in the Children’s Ministry
  • Staying Faithful to the Call
  • Beginning & Structuring a Children’s Ministry
  • Safety & Security in the Children’s Ministry
  • Preventing Infection in the Children’s Ministry
  • Reaching Children in the Community
  • Released Time Education
  • Keeping Wolves Out of Children’s Ministry
  • Apologetics for Kids (4th-6th Grade)
  • Chaos to Collaboration Transforming Classrooms from Frustration to Fantastic
  • A Vision to Run With (Jr. High Ministry)
  • Impactful Parenting
  • How To Teach Using The Inductive Method
  • The Easy Way To Hide God’s Word in Your Heart
  • Attributes of God
  • Songs That Teach
  • Storytelling with Drama
  • Casting A Biblical Vision and Develop Core Values For Children’s Ministry
  • Games in the Classroom
  • How to Gain and Keep the Trust of the Parents in the Nursery
  • Preschool Activities
  • Recognizing Your Role in the Nursery
  • Teaching Preschool Age Children
  • Teaching Preschoolers to Love Worship
  • Being Faithful in the Little Things and with the Little Ones
  • Effective Partnering with Families of Preschoolers
  • Teaching 4 Year Olds
  • Teaching Kindergarten
  • Teaching 2nd Grade
  • Teaching 4th Grade
  • Teaching 5th & 6th Graders
  • Memorizing Scripture
  • Teaching the Youth
  • Mentoring High Schoolers
  • Teaching Adolescents Biblical Truths about Identity
  • Biblical Discipline Principles and Tools for Teens
  • Seeing the Value in Youth Helpers
  • Teaching Children with Special Needs
  • Discipline in the Classroom & Home
  • Using God’s Word As Your Primary Textbook
  • Parenting
  • Teaching Children to Meet with God
  • Alone Time with God
  • Discipling The Next Generation
  • The Impact of the Children’s Ministry
  • The Key to Close Family Relationships
  • How to Safely Reopen Your Children’s Ministry
  • Teaching Children the True Heart of Worship
  • Creating Online Teaching Videos for Children’s Ministry
  • From the Head to the Heart
  • Ways We Think: Deeper Than Information
  • Using God’s Word As Your Primary Textbook
  • Ministry Between the Lines
  • Mission For Kids
  • Shepherding the Hearts of Young Children
  • Investing Into the Lives of Our Teens
  • More coming soon…

In our Word’s of Encouragement section you will find over 35 teachings from 20+ different pastors to bless & encourage those who minister to children

Discipling The Next Generation
Making A Difference
The Impact of the Children's Ministry


Enhance and assist your ministry, classroom, or home with a sample collection of informational and beautifully illustrated posters. MANY more posters can be found at

Books of the Bible

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Twelve Tribes of Israel

Twelve Apostles of Jesus

Rules in the Classroom & Home

Armor of God: Male Version

Armor of God: Female Version

Using Questions to Respond to God

Birth of Jesus

The Seven Trumpets

You can also purchase many more posters AND our LIFE-SIZED posters of GOLIATH and the ARMOR OF GOD at Calvary Posters.

You will also find the below sections on Calvary Curriculum:

The FORMS & FLYERS section offers a Children’s Ministry Questionnaire/Application, Reference Forms, Classroom Sign-In Sheets, an Incident Report, and much more.

ENCOURAGING WORDS are articles and quotes which will encourage your heart. They may also be included in your ministry newsletter to bless and inspire others.

VBS: PARK OUTREACH offers information about advertisement, balloons, Bible study, crafts, director notes, games, registration, security, snacks, and volunteers.

There are MANY MORE resources offered such as a homeschooling guide, teacher’s guides, Bible study helps, and so much more.

Not included in the membership, but very much a part of Calvary Curriculum, is the annual CHILDREN’S MINISTRY CONFERENCE. The NEXT conference will be February 19-20, 2021. You can find more information by going to

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