Larry Enterline

Pastor Larry Enterline has been involved with Children’s Ministry since 1985 and is expereinced in overseeing large and small Children’s Ministries and the unique challenges that arise. In those years he Pastored several Children’s Ministries consisting of over 2,750 children per week (10 years), 120 children per week (3 years), and 500 children per week (14 years). He has overseen large Summer Camps, Children’s Ministry Conferences, and VBS: Park Outreaches. In addition to pastoring Children’s Ministries, Larry has taught at several Bible colleges, parenting classes, seminars, and conferences. Many of his teachings can be found in the Children’s Ministry Trainings & Words of Encouragement section on this site. He is the creator of the ORIGINAL & REVISED Calvary Chapel Children’s Curriculum, the Little Ones Curriculum, and the writer and creator of the Topical Bible Curriculum. As the co-creator of Calvary Curriculum, his desire is that others are equipped to share the love of Jesus to children worldwide. Larry and his wife, Barbie, have been married since 1975 and have been blessed with 4 children who are all involved in the Lord’s work. 

Vice President

Matt Enterline

Pastor Matt Enterline has been involved with ministering to children since the age 13. He has been in full-time ministry since 2004 as a children’s ministry pastor. He presently serves as the assistant pastor at a church in Southern California. He teaches at conferences and Bible Colleges in relation to Children’s Ministry. 

In 2007, he co-created, with Pastor Larry, Calvary Curriculum which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, creating Bible curriculum, trainings, and resources for churches, families, and schools, with the vision of blessing children and equipping those who minister to them, worldwide. He is the developer, graphic artist, and designer of materials found on this site. From the ministry of Calvary Curriculum, Pastor Larry and he oversee a yearly Children’s Ministry Conference for children’s ministry teachers, leaders, and pastors (

In his “spare time” he works as a freelance graphic designer working with some amazingly tallented authors and artists inside the comic book world such as  Sergio Cariello,  Stan Sakai,  Chuck Dixon,  Louie De Martinis, and others. He has designed books, t-shirts, album covers, posters, business cards, banners, and just about anything you could imagine. 


Sergio Cariello

Sergio Cariello is a multi-award winning, Will Eisner Nominated, artist whose career started at age 11 with inventing “Frederico, The Detective” for his local newspaper, in Recife , Brazil. Since then he has worked as a Writer, Penciler, Inker, Letterer, Illustrator, Caricaturist, Colorist, and Painter. His résumé includes Marvel, DC, Disney, Caliber, Dark Horse, Idea & Design Works, Todd McFarlane Productions, Image, Family Life Publishers, Crossgen, AcrossThePond, Zondervan/Harper Collins, David C. Cook, Dynamite, Focus on the Family, and others. For 7 consecutive years he taught at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, Inc. where he attended before getting hired to work as a ghost Letterer at Marvel Bullpen. Prior to his Art training he graduated from the “Word of Life Bible Institute.” The many comics he has worked on include, Superman, Batman, The Lone Ranger, Thor, Captain America, Young Justice, Avengers, Superboy, Hawkman, Catwoman, The Flash, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Spider-man, X-Men, Daredevil, Conan The Barbarian, Iron-Man, AND many others too numerous to type here. You may know him from the beautifully illustrated, massively popular, and God-inspired work, The Action Bible. He’s also the worship leader and lead vocalist for his local church, where he’s an ordained minister. 

Sergio Cariello has worked on various projects for Calvary Curriculum including, but not limited to “The Life of Jesus“, “Genesis“, and various “Classroom Posters.”

Matt Baker

Matt Baker is an artist, illustrator and animator, whose practice incorporates both digital and traditional techniques and workflows. He lives in Lawrence, New South Wales, Australia with his wife and two children. He has worked for DisneyToon Studios Sydney, EdAlive Software, and now freelances as Bakeart Creations and teaches art. His artwork ‘The Gloriously Wounded’ won both the Portraiture and People’s Choice sections in the 2017 Newcastle Art Prize. During his time at DisneyToon Studios, he worked on 9 movies, including Bambi 2, Cinderella 3, Brother Bear 2, Lilo & Stitch 2, Tarzan 2, The Three Musketeers (Mickey, Donald, Goofy), The Lion King 3, The Jungle Book 2, and Peter Pan Return to Neverland. Among his many published works he has illustrated calendars, children’s books, online games, and comic books. Below you will find an Animation Demo Reel of his some of his work at Disney.

Matt Baker has worked on various projects for Calvary Curriculum including, but not limited to “The Little Ones Curriculum” and various “Classroom Posters.”

Thiago Del Ponte

Thiago Del Ponte lives with his wife and son in the city of Ibaté, state of São Paulo, Brazil. He has been a graphic designer and illustrator since 2006 when he graduated from Design College. He is currently towards his passion of a comic book artist. His many works include book covers, album covers, illustrations for magazines, illustrations for newspapers, books, websites, and many designs for product packaging.

Thiago Del Ponte has worked on various projects for Calvary Curriculum including, but not limited to the soon to be released “Revelation” curriculum and various “Classroom Posters.”

In the past, Calvary Curriculum has worked with additional ARTISTS such as Chris Koelle, Stone, and Bel, among others.


Rebekah Enterline

Rebekah Enterline has grown up in a “Children’s Ministry” family and is thankful for the opportunities she has had to serve in different areas of ministry since 2008. She has had the opportunity to be a camp counselor, Sunday School teacher, and oversee various aspects of Vacation Bible Schools. She currently writes the Little Ones Curriculum for Calvary Curriculum.

Sarah Enterline

Sarah Enterline is an Apologist, Pastor’s wife, mother, and teacher. She has undergraduate degrees in Biblical Studies, History, and Philosophy, a credential in teaching History, and an M.A. in Christian Leadership. She has taught apologetics at both Calvary Chapel Bible College and Maranatha Bible College, and is currently teaching history to middle and high school students at a private school in Temecula, CA. In March of 2009, she founded, and is currently working as an apologist with the Library of Historical Apologetics as well as a writer/editor on the Special Divine Action Project with Oxford University. She will be coming out with a series of books on women who have done apologetics throughout history (

Past Contributors

Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris is the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel of LaGrange located in KY where he lives with his wife and children. 

Jeff assisted Larry at Calvary Chapel Cost Mesa from 1989-1999 in creating the original Children’s Curriculum.