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We have chosen not to be affiliated with any particular denomination or ministry; we have people who help from different denominations and non-denominations. We pray that we might be faithful to the Scriptures and glorify Jesus (Ephesians 4).

Know that our Statement of Faith, mission, and resources are grounded in the historical, conservative Christian faith. While this dictates our publication policy, it does not define the extent of our fellowship.

This website was created and launched in 2006 as a replacement to our original website which was launched in the late 90’s. But, some of the contents of this site, such as the original “Children’s Curriculum” were created in the mid 90’s which was then released on a 2-CD set prior to the creation of either of the websites. To read full the full History & Vision of Calvary Curriculum please CLICK-HERE.

Firstly by the donations made by supporters of this ministry.

Secondly by the YEARLY membership fee for USA based users of Calvary Curriculum. These funds help provide the means to develop resources to continue to bless users worldwide and to offer our international website at no cost to users.

Pastor Larry Enterline, who created the Bible curriculum found on Calvary Curriculum, describes it as follows. “The curriculum portion of Calvary Curriculum, especially the Children’s Curriculum, has been designed to be a support for using the Bible as the curriculum itself, not as some curriculums where the Bible is there to support the curriculum. We want to use the very words of God from the Bible to teach the children.”

When the “Original : Children’s Curriculum” was created (in the early 1990’s) the idea was to create a curriculum that would support the teacher with materials for the students, not necessarily give the teacher the words to say. Many of the curriculums of the time were cookie cutter, this is what you say, curriculums that did not meet the need of studying the Word of God, growing in your walk, having the Lord speak to you, and then teaching that to the children.

Calvary Curriculum’s “Children’s Curriculum” (Original & Revised) has been designed to allow each individual teacher prepare his/her own Bible study (As does the Teaching Pastor at your church) based off of the worksheet for each study. So, your own preparation is needed for the study. But, with each Bible study, you will have some resources to assist you in your preparation.

The “Revised : Children’s Curriculum” has audio Bible studies and notes from Pastor Chuck Smith as well as many more resources coming in the future to assist you. We also recommend study helps such as Blue Letter Bible. This curriculum does not offer the ‘third party’ teacher guides.

The “Original : Children’s Curriculum” has a teacher guide by a “third party” ministry which will assist you. BUT, in the “teacher‘s guides” creation it actually changed the direction that this curriculum was originally created for. The reason we have that option still on our site is that many do use it. So, even though it changes our desire for why we created the curriculum we do not want to remove the option for others to use. These “third party” teacher guides were never fully completed and are only offered in English. At this point, no future development will take place of these guides.

If you would like to know a more complete vision behind the creation and direction for using the “Children’s Curriculum” please CLICK-HERE and listen to the 5-part trainings which build upon each other and will help give both direction and vision to the Children’s Curriculum. We have also created a “Homeschool Guide” which will assist you in explaining good methods for preparing to teach the children. We are currently recording a new training class which teaches you how to use the curriculum as it was originally intended. We will post it sometime in March 2023 in the Academy section of the site. See below for description.

Using Calvary Curriculum Children’s Bible Curriculum to Teach Children
This children’s Bible curriculum is based on a verse-by-verse approach to teaching the Bible. In this curriculum, every Bible study has its own set of pages, and each page has been designed to bring support to the teacher as they teach the Bible in the elementary ages. The vision behind this Bible curriculum, and how each separate page can aid in and reinforce the Bible study, is explained in this workshop.

All material on this site is copyrighted (Copyright Notice) and MAY NOT be posted on any other website. But, if you desire, you may place a link on your website to Calvary Curriculum.

All curriculum may be printed/photocopied as many times as needed, for you or your classroom/church, as long as you adhere to the Copyright Policy.

No. Because we frequently update and improve the curriculum on this site there is only the option to download one study at a time. That way when you need a particular Bible Study you will download the most recent updated version of that study.

All English curriculum on this website (Little Ones Curriculum, Original & Revised Children’s Curriculum, and the Topical Curriculum,) use the New King James Version (NKJV) and some feature the King James Version (KJV).

The Spanish curriculum (Original Children’s Curriculum) uses the Reina-Valera 1960 (RVR).

Hopefully in the near future, as the Lord provides the finances, we desire to release all the curriculum found on this site in the King James Version (KJV) and also in the Reina-Valera 1960 (RVR).

You can print the curriculum in one of two ways. Click on the study you desire to print once it opens print it from your computer to your printer.
The second way is to download the PDF to your computer. RIGHT-CLICK on the “button” of the study you want to download, then depending on your computer you will have a few options on what to do. What you are looking for is the option to “SAVE AS” or “SAVE TARGET AS” or “DOWNLOAD LINKED FILE AS.” You are looking for is the option to download the file to your computer. Once you do that you will be able to open it on your computer and then easily print from there. You can also take that PDF to your local printer and print it there. But, remember to take with you our  “copyright notice” so they will allow you to print it.

We have heard from a few individuals that say the new coloring pictures are too detailed and not color friendly. We hope to address that by the following.


The typical coloring picture is very simple with wide-open white spaces. Why do we do this? Why do we dumb-down children’s coloring pictures? Is it to protect the child’s self-esteem? It seems we should be more concerned with creating what a child will learn from the coloring picture that creates the child’s “normal.” In real life what we see is real, when we look at a car we see the whole car, not just part of it. When we look at a classroom filled with children, we don’t just see one child. We believe that a coloring picture should be worth a thousand words, not just a few. And as far as the idea of staying inside the lines of the picture, we believe that it is more important for a child to understand as much as possible about the story behind the picture. It is with that in mind that we have commissioned some of the finest artists in the industry to illustrate coloring pictures that tell the whole story, not just part of it.

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