$20 - $59 Church Memberships (Per Year)
For those located within the U.S.A.

Memberships for churches will receive access to ALL of the Children’s Ministry Trainings (65+ Hours), Preschool & Elementary Bible Curriculums (600+), Classroom Posters, and many other resources found on Calvary Curriculum, including ALL upcoming releases. To view samples simply go to the various page sections on the site and you will have the option to download samples.

Depending on how many teachers you want to have access to the website will determine what pricing tier you fall into. Some Children’s Ministry setups are such that its pastor/leader will be making all copies for the classrooms. In this case, Calvary Curriculum’s policy allows for the pastor/leader alone to have a membership and it is not necessary for each teacher to have a membership. However, if a teacher(s) wants/needs access to the website for any reason (listening to trainings, downloading curriculum, accessing teacher helps, etc.) then that teacher(s) will need his/her own membership. In other words, if you have 20 teachers but only 10 of them want/need access to the site, (even though all will be using the curriculum in their classes), only the 10 teachers who need access to the site will need memberships. *For multiple Children’s Ministry teachers/helpers living in the same household (spouses, siblings, etc.), only one membership per household is needed.

In addition to the curriculum access, Church Memberships for all your teachers can be helpful as they allow the pastor/leader to recommend a particular Children’s Ministry Training to go through for the entire ministry such as “Discipline in the Classroom“, “Classroom Structure,” or the 40+ other subjects offered. Many of these trainings are recorded at Calvary Curriculum’s annual Children’s Ministry Conference (www.cccm-conference.com).

Church memberships are on an automatic renewal. If you desire to cancel or update your billing info you can do so in the membership portal. 7 days prior to the yearly renewal you should receive a reminder email as long as all your info is inputted correctly.

This Church Membership fee enables Calvary Curriculum to create more resources and to bring more support to all those who are on the front lines, ministering God’s Word to children, both in the U.S.A. and internationally. We are excited and eager to watch the Lord bring many more great resources to you by way of Calvary Curriculum. For more information please read our registration Terms Policy.

MFS-Price-Tag-Icon-for-Website Church PRICING for memberships:

  • $59  / each person   (Tier 1)    1 membership
  • $49  / each person   (Tier 2)    2 memberships
  • $42  / each person   (Tier 3)    3-5 memberships
  • $39  / each person   (Tier 4)    6-7 memberships
  • $32  / each person   (Tier 5)    8-10 memberships
  • $25 / each person    (Tier 6)    11-18 memberships
  • $20  / each person   (Tier 7)    19-29 memberships

If you need 30 or more memberships for your church please email Calvary Curriculum at churchmembership@calvarycurriculum.com

To SIGN-UP simply click on the number of individuals that you want to have access to Calvary Curriculum’s website?

1 = $59

2 = $98

3 = $126

4 = $168

5 = $210

6 = $234

7 = $273

8 = $256

9 = $288

10 = $320

11 = $275

12 = $300

13 = $325

14 = $350

15 = $375

16 = $400

17 = $425

18 = $450

19 = $380

20 = $400

21 = $420

22 = $440

23 = $460

24 = $480

25 = $500

26 = $520

27 = $540

28 = $560

29 = $580



If you need to add more teachers in the future simply email us at churchmembership@calvarycurriculum.com and we can send you a custom payment link.

Paying with our secure and safe STRIPE payment option is the easiest. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, ACH Credit Transfer, and Apple Pay are all accepted. But, if your church needs to pay via check, please contact us at churchmembership@calvarycurriculum.com.

Yes. Simply go to your Membership Portal and replace the name of the member with the new member.

Church memberships are on an automatic renewal. If you desire to cancel or update your billing info you can do so in the Membership Portal. 7 days prior to the yearly renewal you should receive a reminder email as long as all your info is inputted correctly.