Darlene Theis
The Attributes of God

Come and learn an effective, yet easy teaching tool on the attributes of God. As Pastor Chuck used to say so often: “When we don’t understand the ‘Why God’ questions, we need to go back to all we do understand about Him.” But, do the children really know what He is like? This workshop will equip you to teach 33 key attributes, what they mean, and the Scriptures to support each one. At the end of the workshop you will have them all from memory and a take-home hand-out to use for any Bible lesson. Children of all ages learn them quickly as their A-B-C’s…and with fun!

Songs That Teach

Come and learn how to teach (through simple melodies that most of us know) the many truths of the Bible. You and your children will learn things like: The Days of Creation, The 10 Commandments, The Books of the Old and New Testaments,The 12 Disciples, The 12 Tribes of Israel, Joseph’s Life, How to Witness for Christ, and even be an example for their country through the new verse of “God Bless America” and all accomplished through fun singing and participation. Even non-singers are blessed.