Discipling The Next Generation

“It is not about information, it is about leading the children straight and directly to the throne room of God and them developing what it is to walk with Him. Yes, other information will come in. But, Jesus needs to be the hub, and if He is not, all the information spokes will have nowhere to go. We must make Jesus the hub in the children’s lives, for the next generation.”

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Pastor Larry Enterline

Larry is the president and co-creator of Calvary Curriculum, a website-based ministry, focused on equipping those who minister to children by providing trainings, helps, children’s Bible studies, etc.

Larry attended Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for 25 years and was the Children’s Ministry pastor for 10 of those years. He has taught Children’s Ministry courses at Calvary Chapel Bible Colleges and is the creator of all the Children’s Bible Curriculums found on CalvaryCurriculum.com and has served as a Children’s Ministry pastor for a total of 27 years. In 2016, Pastor Larry and his son, Pastor Matt, stepped out in faith to serve full time in the ministry of Calvary Curriculum. Part of the ministry of Calvary Curriculum is a yearly bilingual Children’s Ministry Conference (English & Spanish).

Larry and his loving wife, Barbie, have been married since 1975 and have been blessed with two sons, two daughters-in-law, two daughters, and one grandson. All of their children are involved with serving the Lord. 

Seeing children taught the Word of God, and discipled in His ways, is one of Larry’s deepest joys, and he is thankful for the opportunity to help train those who are doing this great work with children around the world. Larry is dedicated to helping children, to not just know about God, but to know God personally in an abiding and growing relationship.