Pastor Larry Enterline

Discipling The Next Generation

“It is not about information, it is about leading the children straight and directly to the throne room of God and them developing what it is to walk with Him. Yes, other information will come in. But, Jesus needs to be the hub, and if He is not, all the information spokes will have nowhere to go. We must make Jesus the hub in the children’s lives, for the next generation.”


Pastor Matt Enterline

The Impact of the Children's Ministry

The Children’s Ministry at your church can either cause a child to strive to know God more, in a personal way, -OR- it can cause a child to walk away from church and search for something more because they never met Jesus there in the first place. So, the question is what foundations are you laying for the children in your class… in your children’s ministry? Is it a deep down, foundational love for Jesus? Or is it just knowledge about God and the Bible?

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