Explaining the 'Third Party' Teacher Guides
When the “Original : Children’s Curriculum” was created (in the early 1990’s) the idea was to create a curriculum that would support the teacher with materials for the students, not necessarily give the teacher the words to say. Many of the curriculums of the time were cookie cutter, this is what you say, curriculums that did not meet the need of studying the Word of God, growing in your walk, having the Lord speak to you, and then teaching that to the children.
Calvary Curriculum’s “Children’s Curriculum” (Original & Revised) has been designed to allow each individual teacher prepare his/her own Bible study (As does the Teaching Pastor at your church) based off of the worksheet for each study. So, your own preparation is needed for the study. But, with each Bible study, you will have some resources to assist you in your preparation.

The “Revised : Children’s Curriculum” has audio Bible studies and notes from Pastor Chuck Smith as well as many more resources coming in the future to assist you. We also recommend study helps such as Blue Letter Bible. This curriculum does not offer the ‘third party’ teacher guides.

The “Original : Children’s Curriculum” has a teacher guide by a “third party” ministry which will assist you. BUT, in the “teacher‘s guides” creation it actually changed the direction that this curriculum was originally created for. The reason we have that option still on our site is that many do use it. So, even though it changes our desire for why we created the curriculum we do not want to remove the option for others to use. These “third party” teacher guides were never fully completed and are only offered in English. At this point, no future development will take place of these guides.
If you would like to know a more complete vision behind the creation and direction for using the “Children’s Curriculum” please CLICK-HERE and listen to the 5-part trainings which build upon each other and will help give both direction and vision to the Children’s Curriculum. We have also created a “Homeschool Guide” which will assist you in explaining good methods for preparing to teach the children. We are currently working on a “Teacher’s Guide” for teaching with the curriculum inside a Children’s Ministry/Sunday School classroom.