The Creation of the LIFE-SIZED

On November 24, 2018 Sergio Cariello (Marvel, DC, Disney, etc.) posted one of his previously drawn pictures. But this was no ordinary illustration. This illustration was comprised of THIRTY 11×17 pieces of paper. He had come across it while going through his stored artwork.

Back around 2001 or 2002, Sergio taped together these THIRTY pieces of paper and then proceeded to draw a life-sized GOLIATH on them, which initially was drawn in Black and White. He drew this to be used when he preached at a Brazilian church in New Jersey.

Original Post: November 24, 2018, by Sergio Cariello on his Facebook page

“The biggest sketch I’ve ever done.”

After its use, GOLIATH was folded into a large manila envelope and tucked away…

17 years later, Sergio posted about it. Calvary Curriculum then reached out and asked IF we would be able to acquire it to create a LIFE-SIZED poster. He graciously said yes. As you can guess, we were excited about that.

We then proceeded to remove all the tape, iron each page, and scan every one of the THIRTY 11×17 pages into the computer.

After scanning them in it was time to stitch them all together inside Adobe Photoshop. The file we were creating was 5 feet wide by 10.75 feet tall.

This monster file was about 5 GB as we were working with each square being 450 dpi. We wanted to preserve the highest quality we could.

Once all the pages were stitched together and cleaned up we sent the illustration back to Sergio for his touchup.

The result, as you can see, was amazing. Sergio did an incredible job of keeping the same feel of the illustration but giving it a digital upgrade.

Once Sergio sent us the finished detail upgrade along with the COLORED version we then went to work on the poster… all 5 feet wide and 10.75 feet tall of it.

And here is the GOLIATH poster in all its fearsome glory.

     Copyright © Calvary Curriculum & Sergio Cariello


You can order it from Calvary Posters and we will ship it to your door.

Here are some PICTURES of people standing next to GOLIATH which was featured at Calvary Curriculum’s Children’s Ministry Conference.