Calvary Curriculum is devoted to bringing quality resources, including trainings and Bible curriculum, to teachers of children worldwide. To this end we are starting another project to further this; the “Little Ones Curriculum – Revised“. This Bible curriculum is designed to be used with PRESCHOOL through KINDERGARTEN, and even into 1st grade, in churches, homes, and schools.
On this page, you will get a “sneak peek” of the revised and updated “Little Ones Curriculum.” Our hope and desire is to release the “Little Ones Curriculum – Revised” by the Spring/Summer of 2017, depending upon the Lord’s timing and provision.The first phase of this curriculum project will start with 52 core Bible stories through the Old & New Testaments (with future Bible studies to come). Please take a look at the SAMPLE Bible story (at bottom of page) to see what is being worked on.
We greatly value your prayers concerning this project. Without the Lord’s leading and guiding, projects like this would not be possible. If you would like to be a part of this work by contributing, we thank you so very much for joining us in this effort to bring more quality resources to those who minister to children worldwide. To make a tax-deductible donation, please visit the donation page.

On this page, you will find the Bible story title, reference, and Bible translation being used.


Copyright information will be listed on this page.

Coloring Picture

With a memory verse, story title, and space for the child’s name, each coloring picture is designed to draw the children into the story being learned. The beautiful illustrations found on each coloring picture are drawn by Matt Baker (Walt Disney Animation Studios, Bakeart Creations, etc.). We are thrilled that God has brought him to this project as we watch him bring each of the Bible stories to life.

Teacher Page & Take Home Sheet

Using questions while teaching is a useful tool in discovering the truths found in God’s Word. Listed on this sheet are questions to help guide the teacher and lead the children to the truths contained in the story. This sheet can be used throughout the story time or for review after the story. This also makes a great take-home sheet (can be copied on the back of the coloring picture) for the parent to use as they discuss the story with their child at home.


With 6 key words taken from the Bible story and hidden in this simple wordsearch, the teacher can begin helping the children understand the story by discussing these 6 key words with the children, as they search for each word. The first letter of each hidden word is in bold font.


On this page, the children will complete the story illustration (based off of the coloring picture) by following the dot-to-dot numbers.

Fill-in-the-blanks / Maze

Older preschoolers/kindergarten will enjoy writing out the missing words from the memory verse, as well as making their way through the maze from one end to the other.

Find the Differences

Children will look at the two pictures, comparing them to find the 10 things that are not the same.

Craft Instructions

On this page, step-by-step instructions are listed for each craft.

Craft Page 1

This is the page the child will receive, color, and make into his/her craft by adding an object to it (see below.)

Craft Page 2

This page will have an illustration, which needs to be cut out and prepared before class, so that each child can complete their craft. The reason for more than one image on a page is so only a few copies will be needed for a whole class.

Download the complete Bible study of “Jonah and the Great Fish.”

If you have questions or comments concerning this project please use our CONTACT page by clicking button below.